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Oct 23, 2023

October 23, 2023

IEX Internship FAQs

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Interested in interning at IEX? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that we receive from applicants.

Who can apply for an internship?

Our internships are open to undergraduate college students of any year.

I’m a newly graduated college student, can I still apply?

Unless the position specifically states that it is open to graduate students, internships are exclusively for undergraduate college students. We recommend interested talent to join our Experienced Talent Community to receive notifications about new job openings and opportunities.

What kinds of internships does IEX offer?

We offer internships across various departments for the summer and winter season. Additionally, we also offer co-ops.

What are the dates for internships?

Both summer and winter internships typically last for 10 weeks. Summer internships occur from June to early August, while winter internships occur from January to early March. Co-ops generally run for 6 months, from June to December.

What are some of the benefits for interns?

IEX internships give students the opportunity to propel their growth and development, gain practical skills, and cultivate their time management abilities. Our programs offer numerous networking sessions and workshops that prepare students for their career field of choice.  

Additional perks include student housing, reimbursement for commuting, free snacks and food, and the flexibility of a hybrid working schedule; benefits offered are subject to change at IEX’s discretion.

What is the general application process?

Our application process generally consists of submitting a complete application and undergoing 3-4 rounds of interviews, including a hiring manager interview, two zoom/onsite interviews, and a final zoom interview. For more information, check out our application guide.

What is the application process for technical roles?

For technical applicants, such as software engineers, the application process is the same as the general application process, with the potential addition of a technical whiteboard and paired coding session during the 3rd or 4th interview round.  

How should I prepare for the interview process?

Make sure that you have an understanding of your strengths as an applicant and how your past experiences are applicable for the role. Research your interviewer ahead of time so that you can formulate strong talking points. For more tips, refer to our application guide.

What is it like to work at IEX?

At IEX, transparency, flexibility, collaboration, and innovation aren't just buzzwords—they're the pillars of our culture.

We embody these values through our Team Standards, which encourage us to 'Think Big and Do Good' by aiming for meaningful change, 'Be Gritty' by embracing the hard work it takes to achieve our goals, 'Win Together' by celebrating shared successes, and 'Invent and Reinvent' by thriving in an ever-evolving landscape of change.

It's a culture where every IEXer is empowered to roll up their sleeves dive into challenges and grow alongside the company.

Are IEX internships paid?


Do applicants need to have a finance background?

Applicants are not required to have a traditional background in finance; however, it would be helpful. We are looking for candidates who have an interest in or curiosity about finance. The onboarding process for interns includes Jump Starts, hour-long workshops that review fundamental topics relevant to working in finance and at IEX. These are especially helpful for those who are not familiar with stock market terminology.  

Does IEX’s internship program offer housing for out-of-state students?

Our 2023 Summer Internship program included housing for students living outside a commutable distance to the office. We evaluate this benefit annually and traditionally offer it during the summer timeframe.

I’m an international student, can I still apply?  

Yes! We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.  

To apply, visit our careers page.

Tess Abraham attends Barnard College of Columbia University and was a Summer 2023 intern at IEX in the Marketing and Communications department.