Inside IEX
Apr 19, 2023

April 19, 2023

The Benefits of IEX

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100% Employer-Paid Health Insurance Premiums and More. Take a Closer Look Inside Our Benefits Program

We know most companies claim to offer the best benefits packages around, but we’ll put it bluntly: IEX far surpasses your standard offerings, and we’re really proud of them!  

At IEX, our vision is to support the personal wellness practices of all our IEXers, so that they aren’t merely surviving, but thriving, by investing in industry-leading total rewards that support the whole well-being of our employees and their families.

Check out just a small highlight of what we offer:

IEXceptional medical insurance

We want IEXers to be able to access medical care quickly and easily.  We offer 100% Employer-Paid Premiums for medical, dental and vision insurance for employees, spouses, and dependents.

“I remember hearing that I wouldn’t pay premiums. Well it’s real and it’s awesome! It’s actually still a little hard to believe.” -IEX Employee

One Medical

IEX pays 100% of the cost of a yearly One Medical subscription. One Medical is a membership-based primary care practice designed around patients’ needs, providing a higher level of quality and service through innovative design, excellent customer service, and the efficient use of technology. It also includes 24/7/365 telemedicine care and is available in most major US cities.

Flexible Vacation

Time away to recharge and rest is essential for your health. This is why we offer unlimited flexible time off, so your personal and professional life has the balance you need to be your best.

Life happens. Sometimes you need extra help or back-up care. Our membership includes subsidizing back-up care a set number of times a year in addition to allowing access to a network of adult care, pet care and housekeeping providers.

Calm App

Research has found that just five minutes spent in meditation per day has the ability to clear your mind, reduce stress, improve your mood, and help you sleep better, etc. The Calm App is available to employees and up to three family members at no charge.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that add up. Free access to the Calm app and aren’t things you think about. But  when your regular sitter bails or you have a family member who benefits from guided meditation, you’ve got a back-up plan and you’ve got the app right in your palm. It‘s a small shift that really matters.” - IEX Employee

‍$15 therapy sessions through Talkspace with Cigna

For many people, talking to a professional can be an important part of their wellness routine. We don’t ever want cost to prevent you from getting the support you need.

Parental Leave

So much of what we do here is not only for IEX, but for our families and loved ones. We offer a generous 16-week family leave plan for primary and secondary caregivers at the birth, adoption or placement of a child so that you have the time you need to be there for the ones you love most, when they need it most.

“Bringing home a newborn is a huge transition. Not having to worry about your job or your paycheck for those first 4 months makes the long nights a bit more restful.” - IEX Employee

$1K annual giving match

Many studies show that any act of giving back is tied to emotional wellness. We want to help expand your reach and support the 501(c)(3) causes you care about most with our annual matching program.

$5000 annual learning stipend

Professional growth and finding your passions are all a part of what makes you tick. We want IEXers to have the necessary support to reach their goals.

Competitive compensation packages

Top talent is what drives IEX and we believe in investing in that talent with competitive compensation packages including equity and bonus opportunities and 401(k) with annual company match.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of working at IEX. I can’t quantify the benefits of our culture, team, and opportunities in this short blog. I encourage you to learn more and check out our open roles at